Playbook's Start
Posted by Chris Coger in

The next time you are at home watching TV with your family, sit back and observe who is using laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Do it again the next you are out at a bar watching a game with friends, just witness who is using their phone. The results might be a surprise to some, and to others you may not be shocked at all.

Kids these days are using their phones to message their friends while watching the latest hit show, they jump on hashtags together and can tweet topic until is is trending worldwide (eg. #ParksFarewell). Their parents can remember the good old days, when you called up your friends and spoke to them on the phone, but that won't stop them from answering an email and checking out the latest news.

Maybe you are just out at a bar watching football with some of your closest friends, and you hear about your starting running back missing the late game because of an injury, your alright today because you can make a substation on your fantasy roster right from your phone. Your tight end just caught a TD, but its a game that wasn't on the big screen at the bar. No problem, you just open up vine and catch the highlight someone posted live from their seats in the end zone at the game.

We live in a time when the second screen experience has become embedded in the fabric of how we watch TV. People expect instant gratification these days, and they get it by looking up plot spoilers because they can't wait for the next episode, or by checking the box score to see who got credited with that tackle on 3rd down.

Playbook Review is a fantasy sports and events site with todays consumer in mind and Corey and Chris helped develop Playbook's platform. Playbook is also responsively designed so users can play from their computer, tablet, and mobile device. We understand that you will probably be on another device while watching a game, so Playbook gives you the opportunity to compete in daily fantasy events to win cash or prizes.

Playbook hosts free daily fantasy events with a specific focus on live interactive content. Playbook allows you to compete against your family, friends, and other fantasy experts during live TV events. You answer pre-game questions leading up to an event, and then you also answer live in-game questions as well during commercial breaks. The closer you pay attention to the game, the better equipped you'll be to answer the next live question. Users score points by answering questions correctly, demonstrating they are the best fantasy manager.

Events are primarily run events during sports games, but Playbook also covers award shows and even reality TV. The site is 100% free to play and Playbook awards winners cash, gift cards, and other prizes like Bitcoin.