About Politech
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Corey and Chris started Politech in 2012 after successfully collaborating to build innovative technology products and data solutions that helped secure President Obama's re-election win in Nevada.

Corey and Chris worked together as state leadership in Nevada on President Obama's re-election campaign in 2012. Together they managed the Data, Targeting, Analytics, and Technology Development teams in Nevada. Their collaboration was unique, and Nevada was the only battleground state that produced full stack web applications specific to the program goals of Obama's Presidential re-election campaign in a state. The technology team at Obama headquarters in Chicago is renowned for their successful development of cutting edge products, and Corey and Chris were able to rival their productivity building a multitude of impactful web applications and tools at the state level.

After building program specific web applications together on the campaign, Politech was founded in 2012 by Corey and Chris to empower clients to develop similar custom tools and resources. The Politech team understands that out of the box products are not always the best answer, and sometimes complex problems require creative and innovative technology solutions.

Our goal is to work with our clients to build simple, efficient, and accurate products and technologies. We enable our clients to optimize their products, creating cost-effective solutions that are based on science, and validated through experiment-informed testing.

Since 2012, Politech has worked with a number of political campaigns, issue advocacy organizations, non-profits, and businesses including the Ohio Democratic Party and Virginia Victory 2014.