Voter Registration Tool

Politech’s Blocks with Voter Registration is a simple data entry system which integrates hard data with powerful reporting and meaningful analytics. Users are able to track and analyze their voter registration program using data points such as location, time, date, canvasser, and registrant data in real time.

The Voter Registration Tool includes geo-location services and is responsively designed to ensure that it is a mobile first utility. This means the application can be accessed as easily in the field as it can be in an office.

In addition to data capture and programmatic reporting, the application also includes live data visualizations, dynamic registration location efficiency model scoring, and shift based tracking to support long term programmatic management.

The Voter Registration Tool was used in 2015 and 2016 to register more than 320,000 voters and organizations using it saw their output per shift increase by at least 50%. The tool is field tested both for local campaigns and to scale across multiple states running robust voter registration programs.

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